Creating iconic portraits in moments

Most of my time is spent in the background on your big day, but it is always essential to garner a few beautiful compositions for the family album.  My experience as an editorial portrait photographer, means I can walk into a scene and 'see' the photo very quickly.  This means no hanging around posing for hours, just a short twirl around the block and cuddle in the courtyard.

Capturing genuine emotions with instinct and ease.

With 7 years experience as a wedding photographer, I know when to jump in, coax and encourage, and when to step back quietly and catch the moment.  To get a stream of great photos takes a lot of intuition - you have to be in the right spot.... at the right time.... with the right lens.

Details matter to you, details matter to me

'God is in the detail' as the saying goes, and in amongst the chaos and excitement, I am carefully cataloging details of your day.  So much time and effort has been put into designing and choosing every aspect of your wedding, and I am here to ensure all of it is documented.  These vignettes work beautifully in any wedding album, giving more of a fine art appeal to your story.